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We want you to get the best out of your hair extensions so please follow our advise carefully




  • ALWAYS use a boar bristle brush when brushing your extensions

  • Gather your hair into a low ponytail and start brushing from the bottom up. When you get to the roots, place your hand and hold your bonds/rings/weft in place and continue to brush.

  • Of a night time gently tie your hair back with a scrunchy in a low ponytail or loose plate to help prevent tangles and knotting




  • ALWAYS brush your hair before washing following the steps above

  • You must use Racoon shampoo and conditioner if you are wearing our hot bonded method. A sulphate FREE shampoo and conditioner must be used with all other methods.

  • Gently massage your scalp working the shampoo in between your extensions

  • Throughly rinse your hair, making sure that all product has gone so to avoid scalp irritation.

  • Apply conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends avoiding your scalp and roots. Leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse throughly.

  • Washing your hair will take a little longer than usual but please never rush it, treat them with care.




  • Squeeze excess water from your hair, DO NOT rub your head with the towel, only pat dry if need be.

  • DO NOT brush your hair when wet, or use a small tooth comb

  • Hot Bonds must br dried 100% as soon as possible after washing to avoid the bonds getting moisture contamination.

  • Apply heat protecter to your hair

  • Start to air-dry your hair with a hair dryer on a medium heat. DO NOT tip your head up side down.

  • When the hair is 80% dry, using a tangle teezer or boar bristle brush, brush out your hair following the brushing guide above. 

  • When your hair is completely dry and you wish to finish a hair straightener or tong, please set the temperature to 170 degrees or below and always re apply heat protector. GHDs are 185 degrees, so if you do have this brand, please keep your usage to a minimum to help your hair condition.

  • NEVER tie your hair back in a tight ponytail or wear on top on your head as this will put unnecessary tensions on your extensions.

Every new set of hair extensions comes with a complimentary 1st wash & blow-dry in salon so that we can talk about the aftercare process in more detail and answer any questions you might have.

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