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At Silhouette Du Barry, we follow a Colour Responsible Policy for the safety and peace of mind of our clients. 

You can choose to be skin tested from the following 2 options;

1) Colourstart Passport (MHRA APPROVED METHOD)

By carefully answering a simple set of questions, Colourstart Passport can help you decide if the Colourstart patch test is suitable for you to use. Once you have applied a patch test, it will confirm whether or not you are safe to use our hair colourant. Colourstart Passport stores the answers which we will be able to monitor with your approval. Once you have created your passport and completed your first test, subsequent colour treatments require you to answer the screening questions – further skin testing will not be necessary unless something changes.


2) AAT (Allergy Alert Test)

You will need to make an appointment to attend the salon at least 48 hours prior to EVERY colour appointment. We will apply a small amount of colour formula to the inside of your elbow. Leave for 48 hours, should you experience any signs of irritation, reddening, swelling, inflammation or itching please contact us. If you develop symptoms that make you unwell please contact a medical professional.


Thanks for submitting! We will aim to get back to you in 24hrs



Why do I need a skin test? 

Skin testing and screening inbetween colour services and tests are essential, allergy to paraphenylenediamine is irreversible. Allergy to PPD is developed through over exposure to this ingredient. 

How much is Colourstart and where do I buy it?

Signing up and ongoing screening on the passport is free. The Colourstart patch test is £15. You can buy it from us at SDB - details on how to do so will be emailed to you when you have completed the form above. 

Why is it SDB's preferred method for screening for colour allergies?

You are in control of your passport and therefore your testing and screening. It is confidential, we only get to see your result if you choose to share it with us. You can use your Colourstart passport for screening for any colour services in any salon. Example, if you have brow colouring service you can use the same test. If you are travelling and you need to use a different salon, you can share your passport result with any salon. At your own convenience you must check in online and answer your screening questions 5 days prior to your appointment. This will prevent you having to visit the salon for a skin prior to every appointment. 


Colourstart is not suitable for me – why is that?

If you are pregnant or have active dermatitis you cannot test with Colourstart. You should speak to your stylist about an AAT (Allergy Alert Test) in the salon.


How long does an AAT take and how much does it cost?

You will need an AAT appointment at least 48 hours before EVERY colour appointment. It only takes 10 minutes in the salon and is a free test.


Why can’t it be done just before my colour? ​

The reason why skin tests are 48 hours is because it takes anything between 12-48 hours for the langerhan cell to recognise the foreign ingredient (ppd) then has to travel to the nearest lymph node which then produces the white blood cell which is one of our defence mechanisms which then have to travel back to the location. The white blood cells are then over produced which causes swelling and pus ect. This is why it is a delayed reaction, it’s takes time for the body to produce this.


I have been colouring my hair for years and never had a reaction, why do I need a test?

One of the triggers for sensitivity and reactions to hair colour is exposure over time, therefore it is important we keep monitoring for your safety. SDB are committed to your safety and use only the best products and methods for hair colouring.

Why do I need to be retested if I have had a Henna tattoo? 

In black henna tattoos they have upto 80% PPD in the formula, black hair dye has upto 1% inside, a 6.0 (which research showed is the most popular level of hair colour)has upto 0.01%. We did the maths, you would have to colour your hair every 6 weeks for over 50 years to get the same level of exposure to PPD as what you would to a henna tattoo. Allergy to PPD is developed through over exposure to this ingredient.

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