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We are so excited to announce that we are now offering a hair loss solution service for women suffering from all forms of hair loss.

We understand that hair loss can affect your confidence and self-esteem, so we made it our mission to find a service that is designed to help give you back what you have lost! 

We are so pleased and excited to announce that after intense training, research and care we are now offering Mesh Integration Systems at SDB. 

The system is designed for those who aren’t able to wear hair extensions, but have always dreamt of having a full head of gorgeous locks.

The Mesh Integration system is designed to help ladies who suffer from:

Alopecia*, Trichotillomania, Post Chemotherapy, Telegenic Effluvium, thinning hair, damaged/fragile hair, bald patches, medication, pregnancy, menopause, scarring and hereditary related hair loss.

*Not suitable for Alopecia Totalis & Alopecia Universalis

What is a Mesh Integration System?

As an innovative alternative to wigs, a custom-made, mesh ‘system’ is used to secure colour-matched hair to your natural locks, achieving a seamless, natural appearance. 


Your natural hair, even when fine and delicate, is carefully pulled through the mesh, and attached with micro-rings, so when finished, it will be the perfect fit to your head shape. The mesh used is completely hypoallergenic and breathable so your hair is able to still grow as normal when wearing the system.


Over time the system will become slightly loose as your natural hair grows. It is essential that you book a maintenance appointment to get your system re-fitted every 4-5 weeks, so it can be readjusted and secured. With the correct at home care, your hair integration system can last up to a year and can be washed, styled and treated as you would your natural hair. 


Why choose SDB?

From the comfort of our private studio at Silhouette Du Barry, we pride ourselves on providing you with a service that will make you feel at ease, and have you walking out feeling your absolute best! From consultation, right through to your finished look & aftercare, you will have our full commitment, and support throughout your journey. Our expert stylists are fully trained and certified in Mesh Integration systems, as well as many years experience in hairdressing.


Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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